A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You need to be at least 2 players to play (up to 4)

Expired Workers is an online mutiplayer game, 3rd person view and cartoonish style, where each player play as a zombie and has to get the most brains and put them in the depository at the end of the game in order to win.

As a zombie, you can tackle and throw brains to others players to make them drop their brains. The brains are hidden in some boxes, and there are bonus to help you during the game. There is also a unique human hidden in one of the boxes, his brain value 20 normal brains, but watch out, he can defend himself.


In an alternate absurd reality, a hiring company is looking for the best employe to hire. Thus, the company choose 2-4 candidates to test them on a specific site. A common objective linked to the site is given to each candidate.  Only the most skillful candidate is hired.


Sixtine Gennart (Art)
Valérie Di Matteo (Art)
Thibault Franckart (Art)
Aurélien Uzarek (Art)
Robert Udalov (Dev)
Maxime Derzelle (Dev)
Maxime Chapa (Music)

Making of

Install instructions

This game require an internet connection to play with others, but you can play alone offline by clicking on "online" in the menu.
The server only has place for 20 players, thus if the server is full try again later. If the server is always full, write a comment or send us a mail to derzelle.maxime@gmail.com, if we have enough funds, we can try to buy bigger servers.
You can play with an xbox controller as well as with a keyboard+mouse.


Expired Workers 293 MB
Expired Workers (Linux) 367 MB
Expired Workers (Mac) 352 MB
Gamebook 32 MB


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