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Smiley Faces is a game I made during a Game Jam at my school in 2016 with Sixtine Gennart (art), Robert Udolav (prog), Maxime Dotremont (art), Kevin Henning (prog) and Thibault Franckart (voices).

The theme was Look behind you, so we made a not-so-scary horror game, where you can't kill your enemies directly, you need to have them in your phone screen and then take a photo.

I'm pretty proud of this game, because the gameplay mecanic is really something you don't see anywhere, and it won the first prize among the other games!

Known bug : There is supposed to be smileys on the enemies faces on the photos at the end, but because of a migration of Unity, it's not working anymore, I'll try to fix it later

AuthorThe Emixam
Tagsfrench, Funny, Horror

Install instructions

Just launch the executable file, click on the camera to see the credits


SmileyFaces.rar 30 MB